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Saturday, July 23, 2011

My last post

So a couple months ago I decided since we were going to have a new family we needed new blog to go with it. Yesterday our new family began when our precious Daphne Lois was born. So start following the start of our adventure here with "Everyday Love".

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hoping this is the last one of these

Things I'm feeling this week.

  1. Big- I cannot believe how big a baby in your belly makes you. I really don't know how its even possible for me to be so big around.
  2. Contractions- I have them all day. They are about 30-45 min. apart most the day, but I will have a couple times a day when they are 7-10 min. apart for about an hour and a half. Hey I'm having one as I type. They are not to uncomfortable, but they have started hurting more than they did on Saturday when I was in the hospital.
  3. Swollen hands- its painful, 'nough said.
  4. Tired- still not sleeping at night.
  5. Nesting impulse- now that I said I've been tired I get to tell you that I woke up at 5:30 this morning and had all this energy and the need to organize my already organized supplies for the baby. I got up and put the car seat in the car and made sure I had stuff ready and washed a few things for her that I hadn't gotten to yet. Now I feel I have nothing to do, but am still wanting to do something to get ready.
  6. Happy- This morning I went to L&D again, not cause I thought labor was starting, but to make sure that my plans would work out. I have been working with the head L&D nurse to see if we could use skype so Johnny could "be there" for the birth. I headed in for a test run and everything works perfectly. It made my already great week.

I had a little surprise the other day when I heard from my sister that my mom and dad wanted to see if they could come visit me this weekend. So now I have something else to look forward to. The will get here on Sunday and leave Tuesday, so its not a long visit, but I will take what I can get. How perfect would it be if I went into labor while they ate hear. Then I could have both sides of my family here and they could meet the baby. You all should send labor dust my way, please!

Seminary shock

So Monday was a pretty great day. I had gone to the pool, because it seems its the only place I can feel some relief from the heat and the pressure my body is under. I had had a lot of fun there that day and was on a little bit of a high. When I got home there was a car in the drive. I thought it was kind of odd because we rarely have visitors. I went in and saw Mary on one couch and on the other was Bro. Steinagel, my seminary teacher. At first I thought I was hallucinating. I had to stop and think. Its not that I couldn't figure out who was on my couch, it was that my brain couldn't process why he was sitting on it. When the initial shock wore off, I ran and ave him a big hug. I couldn't believe it! It turns out he is the supervisor for all the seminary teachers in the area. Mary was called to be a seminary teacher for the up coming year, so he was there to give her instructions. He was telling Mary a little bit about himself and mentioned he lived in Arizona for awhile, she asked where, and he replied "south of Tucson". She knows the area and asked what city and he said "St. David". She was amazed and asked if he knew who the Davidson's were. Of course he did and she let out, "Tracy is my daughter-in-law". Then she told him I was living with her right now. Now he was amazed. He decided to stay and give me a big shock, an he did. It was great to see him again and catch up on what we've been doing. Like I said, great day!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today I went to the hospital for my birth class. It went really well. Even though I knew most of the things they told us (I had read all the material before hand) I did get some great info about breast feeding. Okay so now for the cool part. I was having contractions during the class and the teacher, who is the head L&D nurse for the hospital, decided it would be fun to use me to teach us how to keep track of our contractions. After the class she took us over to L&D to show us what is in the room and how everything works and what to expect. I was still having my contractions so she thought it would be fun to hook me up to the monitors to show us how to read them. This turned into a 4 hour hospital stay for me. My contractions were coming pretty frequently so they decided it would be best to monitor me and call my Doc and see what he wanted to do. So I was admitted and they did an exam on me and watched my contractions. I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, but baby is not engaged in my pelvis. The Doc decided it was best to stop the contractions and send me home. I was a little disappointed cause I thought maybe baby was coming, but it still was really cool to see how everything works at the hospital and get some information about if I was progressing or not. Everyone there is so nice and accommodating and I think when the time does come I will be very well taken care of. Now I am home and I took a long nap, cause the meds they gave me to stop the contractions made me feel really weird. Hopefully this little girl is coming soon!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm counting days, not months or weeks!

Things I'm feeling

  1. HUGE- I feel like this girl grew over night. One day I was fine, the next I wanted her out because I have NO MORE ROOM. She is everywhere.
  2. Tired- I'm probably averaging 5 hours a night. I toss and turn and have to pee every hour it seems.
  3. Hiccups- I thought I was going to miss out on this experience, but she finally started having the hiccups and it is so cute, and it also reassured me that her head in in the down position.
  4. She is getting ready to drop- The last few days my hips have been hurting real bad, I think they are spreading in prep for her to descend.
  5. Swollen hands and feet- My feet don't bother me, I just looked down one day and noticed they were a little swollen. My hands though are killing me, they look like big sausages, and if they are really swollen they hurt.
  6. Weepy- I can not go a full 24 hours without bursting into tears. It is pretty pathetic. Sometimes its for nothing, but I think most the time its cause I miss Johnny and wish he could be here for the birth. Its official that he is not coming and it makes me so sad, but he is coming out during his break, Aug. 20th!!!!
  7. So ready- I want this little munchkin so bad. I feel like I am all ready. I have all the stuff I need for her and I am done being pregnant, but most of all I just want to see her sweet face and give her all the love in the world.
The days have started to feel really long. It may be because I have run out of projects to do or it could be that I know she could come at any time, but time is starting to drag. I'm starting to get anxious. I don't like not knowing when things are going to happen. I'm a planner and I can't plan this. I have had a few scares. I even called labor and delivery the other day. I will start having contractions and then as soon as I start thinking I will go in and see if IT is happening they will stop. I think this girl is being a tease.
I had a doctor appointment today and everything is right on track. I thought he was going to start with internal exams today, but didn't. I was kinda disappointed cause I wanted to see if any of these contractions have been doing their job or if they are just teasing me too. My doc is really chill and if nothing is going wrong he doesn't see the point of being invasive, but I am curious. Oh well, I guess I just have to wait 'til next week. If he doesn't check on his own I will ask him to.

Friday, July 1, 2011

KKK a.k.a. Krispy Kreme Kult

So today I finally got to fulfill my craving for K.K.!!! I have been craving these my whole pregnancy and today we were in Denver and saw a K.K. Store and HAD to stop. I was even so happy/excited I splurged and got two dozen so I could share my joy with the whole family!!! Oh it was worth the wait and the 4 hour drive to get them!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

After almost 24 years of life.....

I got my ears pierced. I never wanted to do it before because I'm not big on jewelry, but the last couple months I have been wearing clip-ons almost everyday. I figured if I'm going to do that I might as well do the real thing. It gives me a lot more cute options for earrings (so hard to find cute clip-ons), and its less painful (after a couple hours clip-ons start to hurt real bad). When I was sitting in the chair waiting for them to be done I was really nervous because I thought it was going to hurt really bad. I didn't think it was that bad though. I felt like it was comparable to getting your blood drawn. I love them and happy I finally did it!

Okay now to the real reason I'm posting....

Things I'm feeling this week!
  1. Tired- I think you probably figure, but this is for posterity people.
  2. Heartburn- Okay this has come with a vengeance. I get it all the time for different reasons, like if I sing or drink water, and of course after I eat.
  3. Like I never stop going to the bathroom- Enough said.
  4. Leg pain- I think it must be sciatic pain, because my butt will hurt and then my leg will start to hurt. I'm also still getting random charlie horses in m leg.
  5. Contractions- I have been having them for a while now, but they are definitely coming more often.
  6. Its getting close- I had to go get all of the necessities for baby, because she can come at any time now. I have an internet moms group of women that are all due the same week as me and one baby has been born every day for the last five days. It also hit me today at my doctor appointment when he told me he wants to see me once a week from now on. It is making me so excited! I can't wait until this little girl decides to come.
Like I said we have been busy the last couple days. Monday we went to Denver to take Molly to the airport. We spent the day shopping, mostly for baby stuff. We headed up to Estes park as well. We ended up staying the night in Denver because we wanted to go to more stores. Its hard to fit in all we want to do in one day. It is always nice to get out of Lamar and do something, but I am excited to be home for awhile. I plan on spending some quality time at the pool and getting some sewing projects done. I'm a little sad because our vacation to Chicago got cancelled. John and Mary are having some heath issues and we decided it would be better to stay here and get them sorted out. Life continues to fly by and before I know it my time here in Lamar will be over. NO offense to my in-laws, but I can't wait to get back home and be a little family of three!

Baby Shower

Wow I'm getting this up late, but we have been kinda busy the last few days. Saturday I had my baby shower. It was really nice. A few women from church came out. We had a great lunch and some good laughs. I got some cute stuff too! I really wish I could have had some of my family and friends there, but I still had a good time.

We played this game I have never seen at a baby shower before and it was a lot of fun. You had to pass a pacifier from person to person using a pencil, if you drop it your out, last two standing win! We all got a kick out of it. It was kinda hard because we had such a height difference in the group.

(the food)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beautiful Belly

Monday evening I went out with a friend and did a little maternity shoot. These are just some of my favorites, enjoy!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday Night Fun Night

Last night I took Bekah, her friends and Tanner out for a night on the town. We went out to Pizza Hut for dinner and let me tell you it was AMAZING!!! I haven't had good pizza for awhile. After stuffing our faces we went bowling. I had a blast and I think the kids had fun too. Bekah was pretty upset because she didn't win either of the games. She is just a little competitive. We had some good laughs, one big one because of my throwing a ball backwards. I have a tendency to do this at least once while bowling even when its on the Kinect. If you ever get to go bowling with me, you have been warned. We are definitely going to have to go again while I'm here and can still move.

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